a little bit of everything

  • MEDITERRANEAN: coffee / tea / colacao, juice of the day, bakery, bread, grinded tomato, e.v. Olive oil, home made jam, butter 6€ (V)

  • ENGLISH: coffee / tea / colacao, juice of the day, omelette with bacon, bread, home made jam, butter 6€


the henhouse

  • Spanish omelette (potato, extra virgin olive oil and farm eggsl) 5€ (V)

  • Creative farm omelette & bouquet of lettuce (choose 3 ingredients:: tomato/ onion/ spinach/ leek/ cheese/ ham/ bacon) 5€ (V)

  • Fried farm eggs with bacon with smoked bacon & bouquet of rocket 5€


lets not forget the bread

  • Spanish ibérico ham on crystal bread, grinded tomato and a dust of extra virgin olive oil 5€

  • Truffled bikini (=sandwich with ham, mozzarella, truffle butter & bouquet of rocket) 4€

  • Chicken sandwich (chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, fried onion, ham, bacon, cheese, hard boiled egg and mayonnaise) 6€

  • Shepherd´s breadcrumbs (bacon stripes, egg 63º, spinach, e.v. Olive oil) 6€

  • Rye toast with guacamole (guacamole, egg, asparagus, tomato, onion, cheese & bouquet of rocket) 5€ (V)


sweet morning

  • Banana pancake (buckwheat pancake, agave, marmalade, raspberries and banana) 6€ (V)

  • Nutella pancake 5€ (V)

  • Deluxe pancake (buckwheat pancake , riccotta, honey y nuts) 6€ (V)

be fit

  • Antioxidant bowl of muesli with fresh fruit, blueberries, vegetable based milk and organic hemp protein 5€ (V)

  • Goat milk yoghurt with fruits and homemade müesli 5€ (V)

  • Caramelized oats flakes with banana compote 5€ (V)