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Laif hotel is born in 2016 as a project of 3 friends, residents of El Cotillo, wave enthusiasts, professionals with decades of experience in hostelry industry but most importantly, people eager to get the things done well and offer a personalized high quality service.

In august of 2016 these guys take into their hand the old Hotel de Mariquita Hierro (which had gone through various managements, reforms and changes since opening in early nineties) and decide to recreate an elegant, simple and modern hotel aimed for the tourists looking for comfortable and relaxing accommodation with profession & familiar atmosphere.

Since the hotel only has 18 rooms it was possible to dedicate a special attention to all its sites and facilities during the renovation following the simple and clean lines of a minimalistic and elegant esthetics. Keeping in mind that there is still a lot to be done to complete this process, we work day by day with eager to improve not only the facilities but also the service of the hotel


Hablando de los comienzos de Laif Hotel no podemos olvidarnos de mencionar a María Hierro, la pionera de la hostelería de la isla de Fuerteventura y un personaje con inmensa importancia para el desarrollo del turismo en El Cotillo. Sus recetas de se han hecho conocer incluso fuera de España y han atraído cada vez más turistas a este rincón escondido.

Talking about the beginnings of Laif Hotel, we can not forget to mention María Hierro, the pioneer in hosterly of the island of Fuerteventura and a special figure with huge importance for the development of tourism in El Cotillo. Her recipes became well known even behind the spanish border and have attracted more and more tourists every year to this little hidden paradise. The tourism nowadays owes so much to this woman that we would like to pay tribute to her labor and emphasize the importance she has had for all those who are now working in the tourism industry in El Cotillo. María Hierro has a huge importance particularly for our hotel. She founded the first restaurant of the island in this very same building, which later on in the 90´s was transformed into the Hotel of Mariquita Hierro and continues welcoming tourists from all around the world till nowadays.


El Cotillo is a small fishermen village that has been growing in past years in order to offer more and more services for those who come to enjoy the waves as well as for the holiday-makers that come to relax and refill the vitamin sea.

With the best location (in between more than 30 surf spots of the famous North Track of Fuerteventura and the best beach breaks) El Cotillo is the best choice if you come to learn to surf as well as if you are coming to check why is that this island has a nickname ¨The European Hawai¨.

El Cotillo offers a wide range of infinite options of equipment rental (from bicycles to longskates, surf&SUP equipment, snorkling gear, etc) and surf, SUP, windsurf, kite surf lessons to satisfy the active tourists. And also the best sites for those who prefer to spend their holidays in horizontal position... The lagoons along the whole west cost between el Cotillo and the ¨Tostón¨ lighthouse with white soft sand and turquoise waters are ideal for a beach day, chill out and appreciate the breathtaking panorama.

An important part of our clients come to spend their holidays to El Cotillo year by year. Whether it is for its beaches of white sand and turquoise waters, relaxed and calm atmosphere of a fishermen village or the best location for surf, El Cotillo simply makes you fall in love.


There are two things you have to be prepared for when you decide to spend your holidays on Fuerteventura; it is a windy island, and, there is a big chance you will want to come back. Those who know Canary islands know that each island is different. Fuerteventura is, after Tenerife the second biggest one with the nickname ¨The beach of Canarias¨ due to its more that 150km of beaches. Fuerteventura is sand and sea in its very pure essence. Its variety of beaches can perfectly addapt to your day plan, whether you prefer active day of water sports or relax on one of the secret beaches find a private laggon just for you, enjoy local fresh fish or simply unwind contemplating the sunset. Fuerteventura is also known as the calmest one of the Canarian archipielago. Seems like its vast volcanic countryside with sparse population, infinite horizon and linearity influence also on the calm atmosphere and slow rhythm of the island. It is an ideal place to relax your mind and body and explore the secret treasures of mother nature. We recommend especially explore the wild cost of the north-west and discover its lagoons and hidden secrets, climb up the volcano near Lajares in the afternoon and enjoy the sunset with a perfect panoramic view, visit the infinite beaches and the Dunas de Corralejo Natural Park or fall in love with the Lobos Island...

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